Video Submission Software-Review of Video Wildfire

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I love it…and I hate it

Video Wildfire is one of a growing number of video submission software, designed to automate the submission of videos to multiple video sharing sites across the Net. With online video use exploding, businesses are beginning to see the promotional value of videos in marketing their services on the Internet. While there are a growing number of articles being published about the value of submitting your video to You Tube for fame and profit, these articles read here all seem to be cranked out by the same machine… »proper lighting is important…use humor…interesting subject matter… » What crap! The quality of the video is not crucial. The trouble with submitting your video just to You Tube is who is going to see it?…How will your prospects find your video?

Oh, they just have to put a link on your website… »embed the video into your website »… HELLO!? Am I the only one who sees the idiocy of this advice? What is the purpose of your video? To get customers, right? To direct people to your business, right? But in order for individuals to see your video, so that they will come to your business, they have to find your business in the first place, so that you can tell them about your video, so that they can see the video and then come to you. Now, you’re in the business of advertising a video that is promoting your company. Why not just advertise your company? Your video needs to be seen without your input.

The power of online video is that it can be indexed by the search engines within HOURS, and appear on Page 1 within 24 hours. But only when that video is submitted to MULTIPLE video sites. That is where video submission software becomes vital to your Internet marketing strategy.

Video Wildfire permits you to automatically submit your video to 50+ video sites, 25 social bookmarking sites, and 10 social news sites. You can submit to all three with the 1-click alternative. Also, there are some 100+ additional video sites listed, which would require manual submission. However, be aware that I submit to only 25+ video sites; many of the sites Check our website listed by Video Wildfire, (and other video submission software packages), do not permit ‘promotional’ videos. None of the video submission software packages tell you that some sites will not accept commercial videos, so when they say that you can submit to X number of sites automatically, keep in mind that that number is actually less. Check the Terms of each site before you submit your video. But only submitting to 25 sites hasn’t been a problem for me; I have a video that is #1, on a search return of 115 million results, and I have numerous other pages where I have MULTIPLE listings on Page 1. Correct optimization is important, as that is the ONLY way that the search engines can rank the video.

The one problem that I have with Video Wildfire, is that it is S..L..O..W! Video Wildfire functions from your desktop, and, on my system, which uses a standard DSL connection, can take several hours to submit to all sites. Luckily, I have other computers to use in the interim. Ironically, I asked Video Wildfire support about the problem..( the support is fantastic, by the way), and THEY suggested that I use a different computer while submitting.

So, start your submission, and then go to the store…take a bike ride, publish an article, because your system is going to be tied up for a few hours. Schedule your submissions at night…during slow times, or simply use another computer. Video Wildfire has been reliable, and I love the program. They offer a 7-day FREE trial, and then the software is only $20/month. A GREAT bargain for a video submission software, and one that should be how much does doxycycline 100mg cost Check our website in your Internet marketing Toolkit.

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