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That is the question most affiliates and even marketers themselves ask when it comes to building their sites. Not all of us are born to be writers. But that does not mean we cannot learn and develop our skills in writing if we want to. After spending 3 years in internet marketing and looking at the most successful sites, I discover they all have 6 features in common. You may want to note this down as these are what you certainly need to include in your sites whether you are promoting as affiliate or product owner.

1. Product Reviews

This has to be the most crucial part of your sites. People like to look at reviews before buying products or services.

Because you are the one providing these, you need to remember giving high quality and valuable information about what you are promoting. It can www.boombeachhackcheatz.xyz be one product or it can be 3 products as your top recommendations preferably upon your experiences or positive feedback you read from real customers who have tried and benefited from them. Besides giving the benefits, you might want to include the downside as well so as to educate the readers into making their own buying decisions.

Remember, you are not discouraging or pushing them to buy. You are just providing them the pros and cons so that they will have a better understanding and frame of mind to choose for themselves.

2. Disclaimer

This is also important as not everyone who bought and tried those products will achieve the exact same results as customers who have already achieved them.

Providing a strong disclaimer will help in not just reducing your refund rates but gives them a better understanding that results vary and is directly from their own efforts. This is typical in internet marketing, weight loss and self improvement programs.

3. Articles

Articles are different from product reviews.

They are the general outlook, the problems and needs people faced which also served as primary reasons why your products can help them in a certain way. These should be your original articles and they should be best used in your sites only after they got approved by article directories for higher search engine rankings.

You should provide at least 5-6 articles to supplement your main product reviews.

4. Testimonials

Your prospects need to know that your products are being used by real customers who actually bought and benefited from them rather than typical marketers giving typical testimonials or reviews just to get them to buy.

It can be in the form of text and photos or videos which will be much better as it gave your prospects assurance that they are looking at and listening to a real person talking.

5. Lead Capture Or Optin Box

This is another critical component of your site.

Not all your prospects will click your affiliate link to order the product you are promoting. They may not even want to see the salespage as they do not like to be pushed to buy something they may regret later.

In this case, you may want to build an email list of your prospects by getting them to optin their names and email addresses. In return, you will provide them with more free information in the form of followup click this site emails or newsletters, reports and even an ebook elaborating more about your offer before directing them to your affiliate link.

6. Contact Us Page

Although you are not a product owner, it is still important to include this page.

This is to let your prospects know they are dealing with a real person who genuinely cares about them instead of another marketer hiding behind the computer screen and marketing to them like everyone else. Instead of your free email address like Gmail or Hotmail, get a domain name and hosting so that your email looks more professional like

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