I’d Rather Die Than Give A Speech!

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My wife Sara’s popularity is growing on the speaking circuit. She talks mainly about business networking and associated topics. I must say that this is a GREAT WAY to become perceived as an authority love this website on your area of expertise. And, as an added bonus, it puts you in touch with many more people at one time than the traditional networking one-on-one meetings. Granted, they only get to know you a little better and you don’t get to find out what their lives and businesses are all about, but it is a « foot in the door » so to speak. What we like to do is gather the business cards of the audience to draw from for door prizes. Door prizes are generally our products or things we’ve bought at the store (or sometimes gifts that we’ve received but don’t want) that we give away as drawing prizes. So now we have business cards, hopefully with email addresses or phone numbers that we can respond to by way of a Thank You For Attending Our Event, blah, blah, blah. This begins the personal relationships with those people who chose to come to our speaking event. Can you think of a better way to start personal relationships with small or large numbers of people?
« But… » you complain. « This means I have to speak in front of crowds. »
Yes, you do.
« But… » you cry piteously. « I am terrified of speaking! I’d rather die than give a speech in front of a crowd. I might even pee in my pants! »
O.K. I hear you. This isn’t for everyone, I’ll give you that. But for most of us, that’s no excuse. Now, no one’s going to just throw you up in front of a crowd. First of all, you probably won’t get invited to speak until you make it known that you A) want to and B) are capable. You won’t want to until you feel you ARE capable. So how do you become capable?
First, you deliberately decide that you want to do this. As with anything else, you take one step at a time. And the best first step is to buy yourself a microphone and speaker and then set up on the sidewalk in front of your house. (HEY, I’M KIDDING HERE!) The best first step is to join a local Toastmasters club. They will teach you how easy it is in a step-by-step fashion and before you know it, you’ll be totally comfortable speaking in front of 5 or 10 people. They will become your friends and supporters. That makes it even easier. Speaking in front of a group is to be regarded as telling stories in front of a group of friends you just super mario run hack online haven’t met yet. They don’t want to see you fail – after all, they may have spent good money to listen to you. They don’t want to get ripped off and you REALLY don’t want them to feel that way. (By the way, always make sure there is a rear exit from wherever you’re speaking. If you can afford a body guard, you might consider that as well.) Seriously, they would feel embarrassed for you, so do not think that the audience is out to be hostile towards you. And, you don’t have to be perfect! Do you occasionally stumble when you are telling jokes and stuff to your real friends? Of course you do. We all www.mortalkombatxhackcheatz.xyz/ do. That makes you seem genuine.
Secondly, get up in front of people every chance you get. It’s called « stage time. » The more stage time you get, the better and more relaxed you become. This is no overnight thing, folks. As I mentioned before, like anything else, it takes time.
Third, have FUN with it! It makes you feel powerful to have the crowd laughing at your quips, sitting on the edge of their seats with your stories, taking furious notes from your valuable information which you are SHARING with them for THEIR benefit. You are actually doing this to help people! That is the key!
Sara and I were in Toastmasters for about 2 years and loved it! Sara continued to become a Distinguished Toastmaster, which is the highest achievement you can get in the organization. I chose not to go that far, but I know how to give a good speech and I’m fairly comfortable doing so. Now, I can tell you stories about the times I’ve screwed up in front of a crowd here, but frankly, I don’t have the time.
So…if you want to turbo charge your business networking, and possibly get a little cash on the side, you should consider public speaking related to your industry. And let me know when you do – I’d love to come listen to you and I don’t heckle!
To your business success!

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